• Dog waste bags by Bio-Buddy are made from recycled plastic and bio based resin.  This combination creates a biohybrid™ dog waste bag that Reuses and Conserves Resources-Without the problems associated with “biodegradable” dog waste bags.  Bio-Buddy bags are strong and will not become brittle and break into little bits of plastic litter when stored.
  • Bio-Buddy Bulk Roll Dog Waste Poop Bags for pet waste stations are a great, cost effective pick up solution for Parks, Marinas, Campgrounds, Trails, HOAs, and Veterinarian Clinics
  • Bio-Buddy dog waste bags are a SWMP MS4 Storm Water Management Public Educational Outreach Tool and an important part of a Pet Waste Disposal BMP Best Management Practices Plan
  • Custom Printed-Private Label dog waste poop bags are available in both 15 count clip-on-the-leash small rolls and dog park waste station sized rolls
  • Custom Printed dog waste bags can also include a removable advertising coupon.
  • Custom Printed Dog Waste Poop Bags are ideal for Community Dog Park and Animal Clinic Advertising, Retail Pet Store Product, Dog Product Advertising-Branding, Animal Rescue Fund Raising, Contributor Thank-You Gifts.  The advertising and promotional possibilities are limitless!
  • Bio-Buddy dog waste bags comply with Federal Trade Commission Green Guidelines.  The guidelines recommend that dog waste bags not be biodegradable. Bio-buddy dog waste bags are NOT “biodegradable”, but rather respect the environment by using recycled plastic and renewable bio based resin.
  • EASY TEAR Perforation System is a Bio-Buddy exclusive and a great Dog Park Waste Station bag theft solution!
  • Complete Pet Waste Stations are available.  We are also able to create custom decals for the pet waste stations.
  • Bio-buddy Dog Waste Bags and Pet Waste Stations are Proudly Made in the USA!
  • Read the Federal Trade Commission’s Press Release on the problems with “Biodegradable” Dog Waste Bags.   You will see why we think Bio-Buddy dog waste bags are better!

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Manufacturer Direct

We make the dog waste bags we sell.  We control the formulation.  We are not just a reseller of imported bagsCompare the quality-Flexible and Strong even in cold weather-Compare the price.  All our products are Made in the USA! 

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Dog Park Solutions

Dog Waste Pickup Solutions-Designed by Dog Park Maintenance Professionals-Dog Waste Bags Fit All Major Roll Dog Waste Stations-Converter Solutions for Hanging Bag Stations-Allows you to use Less Expensive Roll Bags!

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Easy to Use

Each dog waste bag has a easy pull-through to close the bag securely creating an easy-carry handle-This is a Bio-buddy exclusive!  Poop stays in the bag. No dog walk mishaps.

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Custom Printed Bags

Custom Printed Dog Waste Bags-Veterinarian-Dog Walker Advertising, Product Branding, Storm Water Educational Outreach, Dog Fundraising Contributor Appreciation Gifts. Dog Waste Station &  15 Count Clip-On-Leash Size Rolls Available